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You hereby inform you that in relation to the job application you submit and, where appropriate, the employment for which you are hired, that Comercializadora Columbia, S.A.P.I de C.V. (hereinafter "The Company") at any time will require to receive, collect and manage personal data, some of which may be considered as Sensitive Personal Data under the Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Individuals. Among the personal data that "The Company" may collect are, but not limited to: your name, address, marital status, (name of your spouse or partner), family data, references, telephone number, email address, nationality, citizenship, federal taxpayer registry (RFC), unique population registration code (CURP) affiliation number to the IMSS and INFONAVIT, the possible existence of a criminal record; as well as information regarding your current employment and previous jobs, position you currently hold and the positions you previously held, your work experience and salary; degree of studies, certificates, degrees or diplomas obtained, institutions that issued them, skills, languages and any other information that is necessary. "The Company" may use such information and personal data to identify and contact you; verify the information provided by you and integrate your file as a job applicant; evaluate your job application in accordance with our selection and/or recruitment process; in case of not being able to offer you the job, keep it in our database to consider it in future occasions. In case of being hired, for various purposes and for business activities, among which are: the provision of recruitment, selection and hiring services; provision of professional services to the clients of "The Company"; carry out evaluations on your ability to perform a position, establish communication with you, conduct research, reports, statistics, generate job profiles and any other administrative purpose of "The Company". Your information may be shared with any governmental authority that requires it based on law or court proceedings; with customers who have an interest in hiring our employees; when reasonably necessary to prevent any physical harm, financial loss, conduct investigations into allegedly illegal activities, in the event of the sale or transfer of assets of "The Company", as well as in any other case related to the development of the activities of "The Company". Your information and personal data will be treated by "The Company" as confidential, maintaining the necessary preventive measures in order to protect it against its loss, misuse, alteration or destruction, access to unauthorized persons and disclosure for purposes other than those provided for in this Privacy Notice and will be managed for the necessary time. By signing this Privacy Notice, you acknowledge that you understand and accept the collection and transmission of your information and personal data by "The Company" in the terms specified therein.

In compliance with the provisions of the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data Held by Individuals, you are informed of the following: Address of "La Empresa": Calle Gomez Farias No. 200 Col. Del Carmen, Alcaldía de Coyoacán, Ciudad de México, C.P. 04100. Contact Details: .

Exercise of ARCO rights (Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition): In terms of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Individuals, you can revoke consent to the processing of your personal data and exercise your rights called ARCO to the use of personal data according to the following, at any time: Access: You can choose the way to communicate with us either by telephone or by email to the telephone numbers and the address mentioned above, to know if "The Company" has your personal data and, if appropriate, they will be made known to you through the email address you provide for that purpose. Rectification: You can ask us that any of your data be corrected, in case we have registered any erroneously. Cancellation: You can ask us to cancel or unsubscribe your data as long as you have no outstanding obligation to cover with "The Company". Opposition: In the event that you have no relationship or legal obligation with us and decide not to apply for or accept any of our jobs, you can make use of this right, not sharing any data.

To exercise your ARCO rights or any other related to this Privacy Notice, we ask you to direct your request to the following address: Calle Gomez Farias No. 200 Col. Del Carmen, Alcaldía de Coyoacán, Ciudad de México, C.P. 04100. Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., or by request addressed to:

The requests that you submit must meet the requirements of article 29 of the Law, that is: (i) the name of the Holder and his address or other means to communicate the response to his request; (ii) the documents proving your identity or, where appropriate, the legal representation of the Holder and the identity of the Holder whom you represent; (iii) the clear and precise description of the Personal Data with respect to which you seek to exercise any of the ARCO Rights, and; (iv) any other element or document that facilitates the location of the Personal Data with respect to which it seeks to exercise any of the ARCO Rights. After the necessary procedure, "The Company", through the Department, will communicate to the Holder the determination made within the deadlines provided for in article 32 of the Law.

In case of not receiving a written objection from you to this Privacy Notice within a period of 5 (five) business days, from the date of issue, modification or update, we will consider that you have given your consent for the handling of your personal data in accordance with the provisions of this document.

In the event that the Owner does not receive a response within the term indicated in the preceding paragraph, is not satisfied with the determination that has been provided, or considers that there was any violation of their ARCO Rights in terms of the Law, they may file a complaint or corresponding complaint with the National Institute of Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data (INAI).

MODIFICATIONS AND UPDATES: This Privacy Notice may be modified and updated at any time. "The Company" will notify the changes to the Privacy Notice through the website: In case this notice is modified or in case you wish, you can REVOKE your original consent to process your personal data, by sending an email to the address indicated within the paragraph of Exercise of ARCO rights. The Revocation procedure will follow the rules applicable to the exercise of such rights. PROCEDURE BEFORE THE FEDERAL INSTITUTE OF ACCESS TO INFORMATION AND DATA PROTECTION: "The Company" informs you of the right that assists you to go to the aforementioned Institute, in case you consider that your right to the protection of personal data has been violated. In accordance with the provisions of the applicable and current legislation on the protection of personal data, I acknowledge that I have read and understood the scope of the Privacy Notice of The Company, I expressly authorize the disclosure of my personal data through databases of exclusive access to officials and employees of "The Company" in the terms established in this Privacy Notice, I expressly authorize "The Company" to collect, manage and transmit my information and personal data for the purposes established in this Privacy Notice.