• Cereals and Grains exportation.
  • Development of new logistics projects for importation and trading of agricultural products.
  • Financing to mexican producers through our NBFC.
  • Warehousing and conservation of grains in different storage centres strategically based in Mexican territory.
  • Operation of federal programmes of support for the commercialization and production of grains.
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For years the world production of seeds and grain has continued in a sustained upward trend, growing in recent years at accelerated rates, the reason for the evolution and growth of the company, its extensive national and international network to buy, store and transport agricultural products .

Columbia uses its privileged geographical location, which allows it to trade with North, Central and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa, opening its exports to countries like Kenya, Venezuela, United States and Canada.


Columbia operates collection centers in various states of the republic where the major national wheat and maize crops are carried out; which meet the highest quality standards, strategically located, with silos that have the best quality in the market; which perite to supply our customers and be a competitive company.


Adapting to the environment to serve its customers has consolidated Columbia as a leading company in the field of grain exports, and at the forefront of an increasingly demanding market; with strategic alliances to achieve a greater competitive advantage in the business environment in which Columbia is developing, which is increasingly challenged in relation to global competition.

Alliances that allow access to markets, use of technology in production processes, market innovation and risk reduction, with its main markets in Central and South America, Africa, Europe and Mexico for private industry, nixtamalera and the social program of the Federal Government



We offer to the participants in the Mexican market the delivery of products placed in its plant, efficienting all the logistic services that it conyeva.


We offer to generate the sale in a Mexican port, as well as to reach any port of destination in the world, according to the needs of our clients.

We are looking for an opportunity to improve the management conditions in export ports, which allow the quality of the product to be stored and the efficiency of the operation to be high.

Columbia is affiliated with



Columbia has been operating for more than 10 years financial schemes for its clients, based on lines of pledge, guaranteed with Certificates of Deposit and Bonds issued by the main general warehouses authorized in Mexico by the National Banking and Securities Commission. Their rate of compliance being in these specialized financing schemes of 100%.

Marketer Columbia has created a SOFOM to meet the diverse needs of credit in the market, with a really competitive interest rate.