Comercializadora Columbia was founded in Mexico in 1991, as a necessity to satisfy the vegetable oils and imported wheats needs, resulting afterwards as well in specialization in the grain industry, focused on corn, wheat, sorghum, amongst many others.

Our management has over 25 years of experience, always providing a trustworthy and reliable sourcing guaranteeing competitiveness, same which has only resulted in being the leader bond between the Mexican Agri and the world. Which is recently reflected with a vast customer portfolio which is comprised mainly from foreign consortiums, Mexican private entities and last but not least governmental authorities.




    To be the integral platform that efficiently links Mexican agriculture with the world market.

  • VISION +

    To be a leader in Agrologistics, generator of innovation and strategy in agrifood chains.


    Reliability: Reflected in the security we give in the operations we carry out with knowledge and expediency in the agribusiness sector.

    Honesty: Acting correctly and according to the commitments agreed, keeping coherence between our behavior and our results.

    Operational and Financial Efficiency: manifested in our commitments, achieving a wide recognition in the market which makes us the link of agribusiness with the world.

    Service Opportune: through personalized service with positive attitude, commitment and timely response to the client applying operational and administrative processes.

    Our values ​​are appreciated in our commitments to our customers, as we are a reflection of the success of our farmers, the result of national harvests, which we drive to give a quality product and the best link of these crops with the world.


    To satisfy the activities related to the products of the field, as well as to the processing, transport and distribution; identifying business opportunities in the agricultural sector, evaluating its feasibility and thus achieving its long-term operation, with a sustainable and profitable approach.

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